Sunday, 5 October 2008

Financial Risk Management

Dear Friends,

I know that I have been writing after a long lull, the reason being that there was so much activity going on on my personal turf that this took a bac seat. Now most of the things have stabalized on personl front. So here I am back here again with a bang...but wait..wait..wait...

All that apart during this period, you all must be aware of the hullahoop and upsidedown the overall world economy has taken. We have seen major financial giants coming tumblng down like dominoes, infact it is casting a domino effect all across the world. Falling down of companies lik Lehman brothers, traumatic bail out of AIG, Merryl Lynch with in mere a week pose a big question mark on the way the financial institutions ar managed as well as the monitoring that is place. Should the apt tracking and monitoring mechanism was in place, this would not have come to th world as a weekend shock, rather this fall would have been avoided.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Personal Risk Management vis-a-vis Insurance coverage

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There's more to come. Watch out this space for insurance and risk management
1. Read the fine print before buying insurance and making yourself risk proof
2. Insurance Dos and Dont's , surabhi will be your ultimate guide

3. For all insurance needs ask Surabhi

4. Shoo the risks away

Useful Information

Insurance Risk Management Planning

1. Evaluate your insurance needs, keeping your liabilities and dependencies in mind and of course your annual income
2. Check if you are over insured ? It may be that you are over covered in some areas but under covered in others balance your insurance cover
3. Evaluate the risks that you may be exposed to, Find out your physical risks - related to your health Focus on your financial health If self employed then perform some market analysis of the events Risks related to your surroundings
4. Do some risks mitigation and planning
5. Continuous risk tracking will help
6. Create a risk matrix vis-a-vis coverage

In the next part I will create some templates to help you do that ..............Watch out

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Insurance Mantra

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There's more to come. Watch out this space for
1. Read the fine print before buying insurance
2. Insurance Dos and Dont's

Useful Information

Monday, 14 January 2008

What Remains after You are Gone???

Useful Snippet :

Home sweet home, isn’t it? There’s nothing like to see smiles on the faces of our loved ones when we return to our homes each evening after a long and tiring day. Our loved ones who are protected in the cozy confines of our Home. This is the abode, we make with our toil and sweat that becomes our dream home. This is one common place where whole family shares the joys, sorrows, stays together in good days, bad days even the worst days.
Imagine a day when , On a usual business day you are getting ready for the office, your six year old son grabs your hand & lovingly urges “Papa please don’t do go to office today, its my off and all of us want you to take us out for an ice cream”, before you could say anything to assuage him, your four year old daughter comes running and hangs on to your office bag , and insistently says “Last Saturday, you had promised to buy me a new Barbie”. You try to justify yourself and explain that how important it is for you to go to office, but all excuses are gone when as usual your beloved wife steps in to bail you out of the difficult situation. She suggests the kids that “Papa will come home early today and we all will go out in the evening, now let him go, he is getting late”. Kids buy her point and 5pm time is agreed upon. Kids are all filled with joy and you make your move towards the door after kissing good bye to both the kids. With a heart full of content & affection you give a loving smile to your wife for all the support and thank her in a way that only she could understand.
At 5pm in the evening all are set for the day with plans in mind, happiness & joy in heart. They wait for you at 5 pm to 6pm to 7pm on and on and on …… Wait is now their destiny, because you are never coming back. An accident that changed everything, happiness has changed into sorrow, all dreams have shattered, kid’s future is in dark, very little money is available in the bank account and the only protection left is your HOME. A call from the bank you financed your dream home from takes that away too. Now what………? Here INSURANCE comes into picture .Yes it does'nt take care of your emotional needs but yes your financial needs can be taken care of. Insurance can provide your loved ones all the security that you have planned and can help you fulfill the dreams which you have for your loved ones ,
Everything you desired will be done for sure.
-Your loved one’s will remain protected in their own home which you made specially for them.
-Your children will get the education that you wanted them to get
-Your wife will live a dignified life & thus Your soul will rest in peace.

Just Give It A Thought!!!

Useful Snippet :
“Money, Money, Money, it’s a rich mans world” Sounds too materialistic isn’t it ? But how true ....Really.. Money can buy you practically everything , from your necessities to your luxuries. Can fulfill all your desires & dreams. Can get you almost anything in this world…And now imagine a situation where you suddenly loose all of it….. Yes.. Scared?? Don’t worry you have a solution & that’s called financial planning & a very vital part of financial Planning is , planning for uncertainties ( remember the sudden word) & is taken care by “insurance Planning” .
What’s the use of being educated if you can’t plan for your future well in advance. Every stage of life require protection against losses, however the needs may differ. Like, at age between 24 years to 45 years you have to have a good protection because those are most productive years for you life. For e.g. you get a job, get married, plan your kids, and plan your home, you plan for your kids future and rest of the luxuries. Most of the times we fail to realize that with the growth in our career our living standard also improves. In the event, the family member who was the sole breadwinner of the family is not there to take care, money available with most of the other sources barely meets the necessities of life, in that situation all luxuries fly out of the window. Sometimes even the necessities can elope.
Just Give It A Thought !!!
Now let’s talk about your Golden Years of life… I mean your old age. It’s always better to plan your retirement well in advance, time flies away fast & believe me it’s those years of your life when you can enjoy the most. It’s that time when all your responsibilities are over, work has no place in life, children are well settled & you are again free to start a new life, explore all the things that you were not able to for all the years. But to make this possible you need money… Remember the famous song “Money, Money, Money, it’s a rich mans world”. A Retirement Plan is an Answer…Living 60 years of dignity, honor & self respect….and then suddenly no penny in hand … how does that sound???
I bet, nothing changes, your desire to have new clothes, your desire to watch the latest movie, your desire to have the latest DVD of your favorite singer , your desire to go for a long drive ,your desire to surprise your partner with a gift , your desire to try a new restaurant or eating out just like that or your desire to go out for a holiday trip. All your desires do not vanish but yes your only source of income does. And this money that you need now , "This Money" can only be available with you, if you plan your future well in advance. Nothing to feel emotional but nobody is going to pay for your luxuries if they have their necessities in front of them… not even your own kids……
Just Give It A Thought !!!